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Ladislav Drha attorneys also provides legal assistance to French-speaking clients. A well-established standard of our office is to provide legal service in all fields of the Czech law. All communications with our clients takes place in French and also all outputs are provided in a language of the client’s choice.


We provide our services to French-speaking clients living or operating in the Czech Republic. Also, we collaborate with clients located outside the Czech Republic to provide our legal services in the field of Czech law and in the territory of the Czech Republic. We are sought-after consultants of French law firms in respect of Czech law.

The scope of provided services can be found here. Particularly, we render the following in the French language.

  • general legal advisory and consultations in terms of Czech law
  • drafting, reviews and analyses of contractual documents
  • representation in administrative, court and arbitration proceedings before authorities and institutions of the Czech Republic
  • preparation of expert legal opinions including relevant comments taking into considerations the differences between the laws of the Czech Republic and of the client’s country
  • preparation of expert statements, consultations and collaboration with foreign law firms in the field of Czech law
Standards of work and experience

Our office provides legal assistance to French-speaking clients on a regular basis. We are aware of the differences in law and the way our foreign clients understand law. Thus, we put a great emphasis on assisting the client in understanding the merits of the case, benefiting from our experience from France and Luxembourg. Our client is a partner to us.

We represented our French-speaking clients in court and administrative proceedings in the Czech Republic. We provide regular legal assistance to relocated foreign clients in their day-to-day life (drafting and reviews of lease agreements, purchase contracts, consulting in common affairs) as well as their business. For companies, we mainly process contractual documents in French, prepare analyses and assist them in starting a business and entering the Czech market. In addition, we provide expert legal statements for foreign law firms.

You can contact us by telephone, e-mail or using the online form in French or English.

We are listed as French-speaking lawyers
with the Czech Embassy in Paris.

Velvyslanectví ČR v Paříži

Our law firm is a member of the
Franco-Czech Chamber of Commerce.

Francouzsko-česk obchodní komora
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